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Anti-Semitic Artwork Concern Covered Locally, Nationally and Internationally / SUVGOP Response to Washington Post Editorial

SUVGOP's concern over the Fairfax County Public Schools decision to display and award a student's artwork depicting anti-Semitic sterotypes without explanation of the background (see below and here) received both local and national news coverage plus carried internationally via the Associated Press..

We voiced our concern to the FCPS Board and Superintendent Dr Brabrand, about the art display and just as significant, the unacceptable response from the student's teacher to a Rabbi that rightly expressed his concern.  As you will read, the teacher blames President Trump and not the adults monitoring the art show for failure to fully explain the student's intention behind the artwork.  We were gratified that FCPS and Dr. Brabrand responded and acted quickly.  You can find their statement here.

Links to media coverage:  Washington Post   Fox Channel 5  WJLA ABC 7   Forward

     PJ Media   The Bull Elephant   WTOP   The Boston Globe  AP / UK Daily Mail

Also our friendly Democrats at Blue Virginia

Note: The Washington Post Editorial Board recently wrote an editorial defending the anti-Semitic artwork the Fairfax County schools displayed and attacking SUVGOP for raising the issue. We'll wear the editorial as a badge of honor.  The Post editorial, titled "A high schooler's controversial artwork should have been celebrated, not censured," is available online (click here).

Opening paragrpah of our response to the Washington Post Editorial Board:

"We wish we could say we were surprised that the Washington Post editorial dated April 12, 2019 and titled “A high schooler’s controversial artwork should have been celebrated, not censured” is filled with material omissions and misleading commentary.  But we cannot."

You can find SUVGOP's full response to the WaPo Editorial here.


Media Alert

Anti-Semitic FCPS Student Art Blamed on President Trump

(ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA) – The Suburban Virginia Republican Coalition (SUVGOP) PAC expressed its deep concern today over the Fairfax County Public Schools’ decision to display and give an award to a student artwork that draws on classic anti-Semitic stereotypes.

The student artwork, titled “Jewish People,” features a man with a hooked nose and a bag of money, along with the caption “No Jew in the world understands the importance of money.” 

When a concerned member of the local Jewish community contacted the teacher for an explanation, the teacher responded:  “[The student] is pointing out how racism and ugliness is now NORMALIZED by our current president who intends to divide our nation for his own personal gain. Instead of jumping to conclusions and assuming the worst, take a breath.  Instead of vilifying me and a 17 year old student, look at your president who is in ‘your own back yard’.”

“There is no place in Fairfax County schools for this type of anti-Semitic drawing,” said Michael Ginsberg, a member of the Suburban Virginia Republican Coalition.  “Worse, the teacher involved allowed her obvious dislike of President Trump to justify anti-Semitic imagery.  Artistic expression is one thing, but justifying inappropriate, anti-Semitic speech by blaming someone else is not a lesson Fairfax County schools should be teaching their students.”


Student Art Work Titled: "Jewish People / No Jew in the world understands the importance of money."

Student Art Work Titled: "Jewish People / No Jew in the world understands the importance of money."

Media Alert


(ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA) – The Suburban Virginia Republican Coalition ( SUVGOP ) PAC announced today that it wholeheartedly supports Republican Congresswoman Ann Wagner ’s launch of the Suburban Caucus in the U.S. House of Representatives and calls for national support among Republican Congressional and Party leadership. 

“As we experienced last November in Virginia and in suburbs across the country, Republicans must refocus their efforts to win back the suburban voter” stated Michael Ginsberg, a member of the SUVGOP Steering Committee, “That's why we are so enthusiastic about the new Suburban Caucus led by Congresswoman Wagner.  In 2018, in Virginia alone we lost three suburban seats [Representatives Comstock, Brat and Taylor] and if the Party does not listen to suburban families and focus on their issues of concern, Republican representation in the suburbs will continue to decline.”

Congresswoman Wagner today announced the formation of a Suburban Caucus for the 116th Congress that will focus on a legislative agenda designed to improve the quality of life for suburban families. Wagner stated in her press release that "Issues such as paid parental leave, rising childcare costs, educational opportunities, transportation needs, and accessible and affordable healthcare are examples of challenges we [the Suburban Caucus] will tackle this Congress." 

SUVGOP recently released a report “Winning Back Suburbia: Proposals for Virginia Republicans” which outlined  eleven initial recommendations for the Party to succeed in the suburbs, based on the PAC’s intensive studies in 2018.

“SUVGOP identified several issues Virginia's suburban residents named as their top concerns, including commuter transportation (traffic and tolls), ever increasing taxes, affordable housing and education,” relayed Ginsberg.   He added that Fairfax County’s property taxes in Northern Virginia, have increased 26% in the past five years making housing less affordable for suburban families and forcing retirees to re-locate out of the county.  

“SUVGOP appeals to Republican House Members to join Congresswoman Wagner in building a strong Suburban Caucus focused on a legislative agenda addressing suburban issues," Ginsberg said. "SUVGOP will also increase its efforts to elect more Republican women to public office."


Congresswoman Ann Wagner (R-MO)

Congresswoman Ann Wagner (R-MO)

Media Alert


SUVGOP Releases Post Election Report:

(Fairfax County, VA)—The Suburban Virginia Republican Coalition (SUVGOP) today released its report Winning Back Suburbia: Proposals for Virginia Republicans”.  The report recommends that Republicans adopt a “Go Local” strategy in the Virginia suburbs and makes 11 initial recommendations to the Party for winning in the suburbs, based on SUVGOP’s intensive studies in 2018.

SUVGOP, a political action committee (PAC) dedicated to connecting with suburban voters in Northern Virginia, detailed specific recommendations that include: investing heavily in detailed surveys of the electorates in Northern Virginia, metro Richmond and Tidewater; focusing on two to three key issues that are important to suburban voters and that will attract crossover independents and moderate voters; a five-to-ten year candidate recruitment plan; and innovations that offer working families and young voters the ability to increase their participation in the political process.

“As suburban Republicans, we have been concerned about the long-term trend away from the Republican Party in our local communities,” said Mike Ginsberg, one of the SUVGOP’s founders.  “We formed SUVGOP to try to identify the GOP’s issues in the suburbs and how we might improve the political environment for our party.” 


This report describes the eight months of surveys, canvasses and social media campaigns the PAC performed during the 2018 election cycle.  Northern Virginia voters expressed their greatest concerns about growth, transportation and rising property taxes.  Increasing toll rates, expansion along the Metro Silver Line corridor and the 26 percent increase in Fairfax County property taxes over the last five years are at the forefront of voters’ minds.

“As an example, Democrats have controlled Fairfax County for over twenty years,” Ginsberg said.  “During that time, property taxes have gone up, traffic has gotten worse, tolls have exploded, and housing costs have skyrocketed.  SUVGOP’s report outlines how the party and its candidates should address these local issues to win elections next year in the NoVA suburbs.  For SUVGOP, the issues are local.  In 2019, it’s not about the White House—it’s about your house.

Receive A Copy of Our Report

SUVGOP will release our "Winning Back Suburbia" report on Wednesday, December 12th.  If you would like a copy, drop us an email at or follow the link below for a hi-resolution electronic copy of the report.

Please also consider a contribution to SUVGOP so we may Go Local and support the recommendations in our report.  Note that 100% of all contributions are invested in Republican outreach efforts in the suburbs. Link to our Donation Page.


Join Us for Potluck & Politics

A full house at the recent Loudoun County Potluck & Politics Dinner

SUV GOP Potluck Dinners Across NoVA - Sunday, May 5th in PWC

Want to have a fun evening of Republican fellowship and learning more about GOP politics in Northern Virgnia? 

SUV GOP held several "Potluck & Politics" across Northern Virginia.  The events are a huge success, with a packed house, a ton of great food and energetic Republicans. Activists came from all over Northern Virginia, from inside the Beltway to Loudoun and Prince William Counties. Check out photos from the events on our Facebook site! (click here)

We are joined by a host of this year's candidates (see a list of candidates here) along with present and former elected officials.  During the meetings, we discussed SUV GOP plans for the 2019 election cycle and other hot topics..

But most importantly, we offer ample time to mix, mingle, and get to know one another and build connections across Northern Virginia. Candidates had lots of time to speak one-on-one with activists and talk about their campaign plans, how they would govern if elected, and how volunteers can help them win. For the first-time candidates, it was great practice in "working a room" in a friendly setting.


Our Next "Potluck & Politics" gathering will be held on Sunday, May 5th from 5 pm to 7 pm in Prince William County.  We will be gathering at the Splash Down Waterpark in Manassas.  Bring a dish to pass or a donation for the local food bank. Details and Sign Up can be found on our Facebook Events page here.  We ask for sign-up so we can get a good head count!! (Drinks and paper goods supplied.) 

Can't make this one?  We will be holding "Potluck & Politics" dinners in other parts of NoVA in the coming months and invite you to attend.  Sign-up for our newsletter below to find out about the next "P&P" event.

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Our mission is to support Republican candidates and causes rooted in the fundamental, kitchen-table concerns that matter most to voters in our diverse and dynamic region - family, vocation, community and faith.

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The mission of the Suburban Virginia Republican Coalition (SUV GOP) is to support Republican candidates and causes rooted in the fundamental, kitchen-table concerns that matter most to voters in Virginia’s suburban communities – family, vocation, community, and faith.

We believe that the Republican Party’s longstanding championship of limited government makes it best suited to lead in the Commonwealth by ensuring that government at all levels — city, county, state, and national — stays focused on its core functions and performs these activities effectively and in a fiscally responsible manner.

We seek to engage suburban voters across Virginia to promote Republican solutions to their concerns.  We share these concerns — from taxes, to transportation, to education, to keeping our neighborhoods and schools safe, to rising health care costs, to cultivating a positive civic culture.  We want our neighbors to know that the Republican Party cares about the issues most important to them and has thoughtful and innovative approaches to these issues.


We support policies and leadership at all levels of government that reflect America’s great history, entrepreneurial spirit, and commitment to freedom.

We, the members of the Suburban Virginia Republican Coalition, are Republicans of all ages and backgrounds, united by a commitment to collaboration and dedicated to ensuring that our communities are the best places possible for ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren.

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  1. Promote the Republican agenda to a suburban audience through events and grassroots activities.
  2. Provide a place where suburban Republicans can identify and discuss issues, hear from speakers, and develop camaraderie.
  3. Support Republican candidates and activists who appeal to suburban voters.
  4. Maintaing a respectful tone in politics.  We can disagree but we do not have to be disagreeable.
  5. Gratitude for what this wonderful Country has provided to all of us!

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