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SUVGOP Releases Post Election Report:

(Fairfax County, VA)—The Suburban Virginia Republican Coalition (SUVGOP) today released its report Winning Back Suburbia: Proposals for Virginia Republicans”.  The report recommends that Republicans adopt a “Go Local” strategy in the Virginia suburbs and makes 11 initial recommendations to the Party for winning in the suburbs, based on SUVGOP’s intensive studies in 2018.

SUVGOP, a political action committee (PAC) dedicated to connecting with suburban voters in Northern Virginia, detailed specific recommendations that include: investing heavily in detailed surveys of the electorates in Northern Virginia, metro Richmond and Tidewater; focusing on two to three key issues that are important to suburban voters and that will attract crossover independents and moderate voters; a five-to-ten year candidate recruitment plan; and innovations that offer working families and young voters the ability to increase their participation in the political process.

“As suburban Republicans, we have been concerned about the long-term trend away from the Republican Party in our local communities,” said Mike Ginsberg, one of the SUVGOP’s founders.  “We formed SUVGOP to try to identify the GOP’s issues in the suburbs and how we might improve the political environment for our party.” 


This report describes the eight months of surveys, canvasses and social media campaigns the PAC performed during the 2018 election cycle.  Northern Virginia voters expressed their greatest concerns about growth, transportation and rising property taxes.  Increasing toll rates, expansion along the Metro Silver Line corridor and the 26 percent increase in Fairfax County property taxes over the last five years are at the forefront of voters’ minds.

“As an example, Democrats have controlled Fairfax County for over twenty years,” Ginsberg said.  “During that time, property taxes have gone up, traffic has gotten worse, tolls have exploded, and housing costs have skyrocketed.  SUVGOP’s report outlines how the party and its candidates should address these local issues to win elections next year in the NoVA suburbs.  For SUVGOP, the issues are local.  In 2019, it’s not about the White House—it’s about your house.

Receive A Copy of Our Report

SUVGOP will release our "Winning Back Suburbia" report on Wednesday, December 12th.  If you would like a copy, drop us an email at suvgop@gmail.com or follow the link below for a hi-resolution electronic copy of the report.

Please also consider a contribution to SUVGOP so we may Go Local and support the recommendations in our report.  Note that 100% of all contributions are invested in Republican outreach efforts in the suburbs. Link to our Donation Page.


Statement From Supervisor Pat Herrity on Fairfax Co. Pension Reform

Today (Dec. 4th) the Board took another step in reforming the County's unsustainable #pension cost by eliminating the pre-social security supplement for new employees. Unfortunately, the Board did not pass three of the other reforms proposed by County staff.

While I believe the Board missed an opportunity to develop an overall compensation plan that would provide a mix of salary, pensions, and benefits thatwould attract the best employees and teachers, these changes are meaningful and I supported the changes.

This is not just about my concern over the fiscal sustainability of the County's pension plans. Pension costs compete with our ability to provide quality services to our residents and to pay competitive salaries to hire the best and brightest teachers and employees.

— at Fairfax County Government.

For More Information on the Fairfax Co. Pension Problem


Special Election in the 33rd State Senate District

On Tuesday, January 8th there will be a special election held to fill the State Senate seat that covers parts of Loudoun and Fairfax County (Herndon area).


The Republican candidate is former Delegate and Entrepreneur Joe May.  Joe has created hundreds of jobs across Virginia and is a technology leader obtaining over 25 patents.  He is challenged by Liberal Democrat Delegate Jennifer Boysko, who has the honor of achieving an "F" rating by Virginia Chamber of Commerce.  

Follow the link below to see more information on the campaign, what precincts are in the 33rd District and please make sure to vote if you are in the district and/or tell your family, friends and neighbors that live there to VOTE FOR JOE MAY.  

(Regular polling locations are open from 6 am to 7 pm).

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Our mission is to support Republican candidates and causes rooted in the fundamental, kitchen-table concerns that matter most to voters in our diverse and dynamic region - family, vocation, community and faith.

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Serving The Community

The mission of the Suburban Virginia Republican Coalition (SUV GOP) is to support Republican candidates and causes rooted in the fundamental, kitchen-table concerns that matter most to voters in Virginia’s suburban communities – family, vocation, community, and faith.

We believe that the Republican Party’s longstanding championship of limited government makes it best suited to lead in the Commonwealth by ensuring that government at all levels — city, county, state, and national — stays focused on its core functions and performs these activities effectively and in a fiscally responsible manner.

We seek to engage suburban voters across Virginia to promote Republican solutions to their concerns.  We share these concerns — from taxes, to transportation, to education, to keeping our neighborhoods and schools safe, to rising health care costs, to cultivating a positive civic culture.  We want our neighbors to know that the Republican Party cares about the issues most important to them and has thoughtful and innovative approaches to these issues.


We support policies and leadership at all levels of government that reflect America’s great history, entrepreneurial spirit, and commitment to freedom.

We, the members of the Suburban Virginia Republican Coalition, are Republicans of all ages and backgrounds, united by a commitment to collaboration and dedicated to ensuring that our communities are the best places possible for ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren.

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United By Common Goals

  1. Promote the Republican agenda to a suburban audience through events and grassroots activities.
  2. Provide a place where suburban Republicans can identify and discuss issues, hear from speakers, and develop camaraderie.
  3. Support Republican candidates and activists who appeal to suburban voters.
  4. Maintaing a respectful tone in politics.  We can disagree but we do not have to be disagreeable.
  5. Gratitude for what this wonderful Country has provided to all of us!

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