Saturday, September 7th / 9 AM / The Tower Club in Tysons


Join us as SUVGOP and NVRBF host Former Governor Robert F. "Bob" McDonnell.  More Information here.

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The Suburban Virginia Republican Coalition (SUVGOP) PAC released a series of three videos for their new ad campaign – “Republican Party: Perception vs. Reality”.  Each video demonstrates that Northern Virginia Republicans have nominated GOP candidates from broad and diverse ethnic backgrounds that represent our entire suburban community. Read the complete press release here.

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What an Evening with Congressswoman Elise Stefanik

June 27th - Congresswoman Stefanik and the 2019 NoVA Republican Women Candidates Joined Together in Support of Expanding the GOP

Congresswoman Elise Stefanik headlined an evening reception and addressed the important need for the GOP to recruit and support more Republican women running for elected office.  Rep. Stefanik is the youngest Republican woman elected to the House (2014) and chaired the NRCC candidate recruitment efforts in 2018.  She recently formed a new leadership political action committee called Elevate or E-PAC to support Republican women.


Donors and 15 (of the over 20) Republican women running for various local and state offices across Northern Virginia joined the Congresswoman for an inspirational opportunity to share ideas and suggestions about campaigning.  See the extensive list of our 2019 Republican women (and men) candidates here.

Support Republican Women JFC (“JFC”) is a joint fundraising committee composed of
Elise for Congress, Suburban Virginia Republican Coalition (SUV GOP), and E-PAC.  Your donation will assist each of these organizations expand their efforts to elect more Republican women candidates.  

SUVGOP will hold more events in support of our Republican candidates this Fall. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and join our newsletter mailing list for the latest information (links below). Thank you for all your support!

In the Photograph (Name, Campaign):

The Candidates from Left-to-Right: 

Andi Bayer (Fairfax Cty School Board, Providence Dist.); Laura Ramirez Drain (Fairfax Cty School Board, Hunter Mill Dist.); Jane Dudik (Fairfax Cty Soil & Water Board); Srilekha Palle (Fairfax Cty Supervisor, Sully Dist.); Julie Sisson (Loudoun Cty School Board at-Large); Congresswoman Elise Stefanik (21st Dist. New York); Anastasia Karloutsos (Fairfax Cty School Board - Dranesville Dist.); Cheryl Buford (Fairfax Cty School Board at-Large); Prince William Cty School Board Member Allyson Satterwhite (PWC School Board Chair); Town of Leesburg Councilwoman Suzanne Fox (33rd Virginia State Senate Dist.) and Priscilla DeStefano (Fairfax Cty School Board at-Large)

Find links to all the candidates here.

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SUVGOP and NVRBF Join Forces

SUVGOP Assumes Operation of Northern Virginia Republican Business Forum (NVRBF)

We are excited to announce that Suburban Virginia Republican Coalition (SUVGOP) has merged operations of the Northern Virginia Republican Business Forum (NVRBF or the Forum) under a new Steering Committee established by the SUVGOP Political Action Committee.

“For over twenty years, NVRBF has been a leading voice for Republican business interests in Northern Virginia,”stated Linda Schulz, Co-Chair of SUVGOP’s new NVRBF Steering Committee.  “We are thrilled that NVRBF leaders have decided to bring the Forum under the umbrella of SUVGOP.”

Read the complete announcement and learn more about NVRBF here.

Click Above to Visit NVRBF's New Website

Click Above to Visit NVRBF's New Website

Introducing SUVGOP's New Podcasts

Interviewing Candidates and Issue Specialists Across NoVA

Welcome to our new program called think Suburbia, a series of insightful podcasts that will reach out to voters across Northern Virginia!

Our co-hosts, Mike Ginsberg and Jill Cook, will introduce listeners to our Republican candidates running in this November's elections and special guests that have an in-depth knowledge of issues facing our communities.  Stuck in traffic?  Tired of paying rising taxes and tolls? Worried about your school systems direction? Now listen to how Republicans will tackle these local and state issues plus how you can become more involved.

Follow this link to our Podcast Page

We will be adding new podcasts weekly and welcome your feedback.  Send your comments to   Thank you.


Join Us for Potluck & Politics



Want to have a fun evening of Republican fellowship and learning more about GOP politics in Northern Virgnia? 

SUV GOP has held several "Potluck & Politics" across Northern Virginia.  The events are a huge success, with a packed house, a ton of great food and energetic Republicans. GOPers came from all over Northern Virginia, from inside the Beltway to Loudoun and Prince William Counties. Check out the video from our last event on our Facebook site! (click here)

We are joined by a host of this year's candidates (see a list of candidates here) along with present and former elected officials.  During the meetings, we discuss Republican plans and strategy for this year's elections and  most importantly, we offer ample time to mix, mingle, and get to know one another and build connections across Northern Virginia.  Candidates have lots of time to speak one-on-one with folks and talk about their campaign plans, how they would govern if elected, and how volunteers can help them win. For first-time candidates, it is great practice in "working a room" in a friendly setting.


Thanks to all who attended our event in Alexandria on July 21st!  What a great turnout we had, with folks from the City of Alexandria, Fairfax County, Prince William County and throughout the region. We were especially pleased with the large number of new faces, some for whom this was their first GOP event!!   Candidates, campaign veterans, new volunteers - all joined in as we continue to build community, friendship and roots within the GOP - and we enjoyed an amazing variety of delicious food!!

Watch our Facebook page and sign-up for the SUVGOP newsletter!  We will be holding "Potluck & Politics" dinners in other parts of NoVA in the coming months and invite you to attend (and please feel free to bring a friend!).

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The mission of the Suburban Virginia Republican Coalition (SUV GOP) is to support Republican candidates and causes rooted in the fundamental, kitchen-table concerns that matter most to voters in Virginia’s suburban communities – family, vocation, community, and faith.

We believe that the Republican Party’s longstanding championship of limited government makes it best suited to lead in the Commonwealth by ensuring that government at all levels — city, county, state, and national — stays focused on its core functions and performs these activities effectively and in a fiscally responsible manner.

We seek to engage suburban voters across Virginia to promote Republican solutions to their concerns.  We share these concerns — from taxes, to transportation, to education, to keeping our neighborhoods and schools safe, to rising health care costs, to cultivating a positive civic culture.  We want our neighbors to know that the Republican Party cares about the issues most important to them and has thoughtful and innovative approaches to these issues.


We support policies and leadership at all levels of government that reflect America’s great history, entrepreneurial spirit, and commitment to freedom.

We, the members of the Suburban Virginia Republican Coalition, are Republicans of all ages and backgrounds, united by a commitment to collaboration and dedicated to ensuring that our communities are the best places possible for ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren.

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United By Common Goals


  1. Promote the Republican agenda to a suburban audience through events and grassroots activities.
  2. Provide a place where suburban Republicans can identify and discuss issues, hear from speakers, and develop camaraderie.
  3. Support Republican candidates and activists who appeal to suburban voters.
  4. Maintaing a respectful tone in politics.  We can disagree but we do not have to be disagreeable.
  5. Gratitude for what this wonderful Country has provided to all of us!

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