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(ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA) – The Suburban Virginia Republican Coalition (SUVGOP) PAC released today a series of three videos for their new ad campaign – “Republican Party: Perception vs. Reality”.  Each video demonstrates that Northern Virginia Republicans have nominated GOP candidates from broad and diverse ethnic backgrounds that represent our entire suburban community.


“In our first ad campaign called “Not One”, SUVGOP highlighted the fact that the Northern Virginia GOP has twenty-four women candidates for public office in 2019, the most in its history,”stated Michael Ginsberg, a member of the SUVGOP Steering Committee.  “In our new series of ads, we are highlighting the extraordinary ethnic and racial diversity of the 2019 Republican candidates.  We are incredibly proud of the fact that from Loudoun to Fairfax to Prince William Counties, suburban Republicans are running one of the most diverse fields of candidates in our history.  Our candidates reflect conservative principles in all the communities that make up the suburbs of Northern Virginia.”

Click Here to view all three “GOP: Perception vs. Reality” Videos


Ginsberg added, “We want to make sure suburban voters know the Republican Party has candidates running for School Board, Board of Supervisors and the General Assembly that are rooted in and reflective of their communities. Our candidates know the challenges Northern Virginians face on transportation, education and running a business.  They are committed to ensuring that our children and grandchildren are provided the best education and opportunities possible.  Many of them own small businesses and are determined to ensure Northern Virginia remains a business incubator for new jobs that will have our children returning to our region after completing their education to settle and grow their own families.”


Click Here to view SUVGOP’s “Not One” ad campaign highlighting the Northern Virginia GOP’s 24 Republican women candidates in 2019.

Suburban Virginia Republican Coalition (  is a regional Northern Virginia PAC dedicated to advancing Republican principles to the Suburban voter. 



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(ALEXANDRIA, VA) – The Suburban Virginia Republican Coalition (SUVGOP) PAC today released its new advertisement called “Not One”, a campaign to educate voters across Northern Virginia about the record twenty-four (24) Republican women running for local- and state-level public office in NoVA in 2019.


Link to the SUVGOP “Not One” video:  

“From School Board to the Board of Supervisors to the General Assembly, Republican women have stepped forward to run for office and discuss fundamental, kitchen table, quality-of-life issues with Northern Virginia voters,” stated Jill Cook, a member of the SUVGOP Steering Committee. “Our candidates will bring extensive real-world experience to their respective offices, with a focus on ensuring government services are provided efficiently and utilizing taxpayer funds cost-effectively.”

The 2019 female Republican candidates are an exceptionally diverse group, including four Latina candidates, military veterans, and law enforcement veterans.  A majority are running for office for the first time.

“SUVGOP plans to amplify the message of all the Republican candidates in Northern Virginia, including the record number of Republican women running this year,” added Cook.  “We plan to educate voters about the remarkable breadth, depth, and diversity of the Republican Party in Northern Virginia.”

Last month, SUVGOP hosted Congresswoman Elise Stefanik (R-NY) along with Northern Virginia’s GOP female candidates at an evening fundraising reception in support of female Republican candidates (See below).  Congresswoman Stefanik recently formed a new political action committee called Elevate or E-PAC and funds from the event will support female Republican candidates including the new “Not One” advertising campaign.

The Suburban Virginia Republican Coalition (  is a regional Northern Virginia PAC dedicated to advancing Republican principles to the suburban voter. 



Photo from Evening Reception with Congresswoman Elise Stefanik (R-NY 21)

The candidates (L to R): Andi Bayer (Fairfax County School Board, Providence Dist.); Laura Ramirez Drain (Fairfax County School Board, Hunter Mill Dist.); Jane Dudik (Fairfax County Soil & Water Board); Srilekha Palle (Fairfax County Supervisor, Sully Dist.); Julie Sisson (Loudoun County School Board at-Large); Congresswoman Elise Stefanik (21st Dist. New York); Anastasia Karloutsos (Fairfax County School Board - Dranesville Dist.); Cheryl Buford (Fairfax County School Board at-Large); Prince William County School Board Member Allyson Satterwhite (PWC School Board Chair); Town of Leesburg Councilwoman Suzanne Fox (33rd Virginia State Senate Dist.) and Priscilla DeStefano (Fairfax County School Board at-Large)


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SUVGOP Releases 2019 Member Survey Results

The Suburban Virginia Republican Coalition (SUVGOP) announced today that it has released the results of its 2019 Member Survey.

In order to get a snapshot of SUVGOP's membership, we held an online survey from 27 February to 16 March 2019 and solicited input through our email newsletter, Facebook page, and website.

132 people responded, with 95% completing the survey in its entirety.

Our questions ranged from asking for feedback on SUVGOP’s mission and events to getting a basic demographic profile of our members.

This information will allow us to better plan for and structure our events, position ourselves for growth in the suburbs, and give us a benchmark to measure our progress.

Key Takeaways from the Survey Results:

There is a high degree of interest in identifying strategies to win in Northern Virginia, and a deep interest in hearing from speakers on this topic

There is a hunger to cultivate a stronger sense of GOP community in Northern Virginia.

There may be a substantial number of GOP supporters who are looking for ways to get more active in the party and are looking for a gateway in.

Attendees of SUVGOP events, such as potlucks, have expressed interest in tangible projects to take home to work on in their own time.

Seeing GOP organizations experimenting, with social media, issue identification, communication, and other areas energizes and motivates activists.

Below you can download the complete report on the Survey that goes into depth on how people heard about SUVGOP, our events, who participates, ideas on improving SUVGOP and finally our plans to implement YOUR suggestions.  If you would like to comment on the Survey, please send us an email at  Thank you for your interest!


Download The Survey Results

SUVGOP final survey results for members (6-20-19) (pdf)


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SUVGOP Assumes Operation of Northern Virginia Republican Business Forum (NVRBF); Implements New Young Professional Membership Program and Website

(ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA) – The Suburban Virginia Republican Coalition (SUVGOP) announced today that it has merged operations of the Northern Virginia Republican Business Forum (NVRBF or the Forum) under a Steering Committee established by the SUVGOP Political Action Committee.

“For over twenty years, NVRBF has been a leading voice for Republican business interests in Northern Virginia,” stated Linda Schulz, Co-Chair of SUVGOP’s new NVRBF Steering Committee.  “We are thrilled that NVRBF leaders have decided to bring the Forum under the umbrella of SUVGOP.”

Schulz, a former Nielsen, J.D. Power and Harris Research Executive who ran for the Virginia House of Delegates in 2017 also announced the release of the Forum’s new website at and a new membership program for young professionals in the Northern Virginia region.

“We are excited to build on the strong foundation established by the founders, members and long-time supporters of the Forum,” Schulz added. “Under SUVGOP, we will broaden the Forum’s geographic outreach to include corporate and political leaders in not only Fairfax, Arlington, Alexandria and Falls Church but also advance efforts in the fast-growing regions of Loudoun and Prince William Counties.”

Additionally, Schulz relayed that NVRBF will implement a concentrated drive to engage more young professional, female and minority executives involved in the organization. Events will be planned for both morning and evenings, and will include Republican leadership on the local, state and national level plus corporate and political policy experts focused on issues facing businesses across Northern Virginia.

“As we state on the new Forum website, NVRBF is ‘at the crossroads of business and politics’. Our Members come together in a shared environment where business leaders can openly discuss economic issues and regulations impacting their companies and interact with public officials and candidates to build a stronger Northern Virginia and in turn, a stronger Commonwealth of Virginia.” Schulz concluded.

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Fairfax County Board Chair Calls for Taxpayer Financed Defense Fund for Illegals “Due to Dynamic State of Federal Immigration Policy”

Coverage:  Washington Examiner  /  WMAL Radio  / WTTG Fox 5 Television

(Fairfax County, VA) — In response to the Suburban Virginia Republican Coalition’s inquiries regarding the Fairfax County proposed taxpayer-funded legal defense fund for undocumented immigrants, the Board of Supervisors Chair, Democrat Sharon Bulova, replied today the program was “due to the dynamic state of federal immigration policy”.  Mike Ginsberg, a member of the SUVGOP Steering Committee relayed this is an unacceptable rationale for the use of county taxpayer funds and sets a dangerous precedent for use of county taxes.

            “By establishing a fund to support individuals that have entered the United States illegally in civil deportation hearings, the Democrat-controlled Board in Fairfax County is establishing a precedent for county taxpayers to cover legal expenses in response to additional civil cases,” commented Ginsberg.  “As a taxpayer, I cannot understand why the county is choosing to prioritize the legal expenses of some residents of Fairfax County over others.  Chairwoman Bulova’s explanation, that the recipients of this assistance are contributing members of our community, is insufficient.  There are many contributing members of our community who do not stand to receive taxpayer-funded legal defense in civil cases.  What is the limiting principle?  Why are some residents receiving this legal defense but not others?”

            “Suburban taxpayers who have been hit with ever-increasing property taxes and whose schools still rely upon trailers to accommodate the full student population should not now have this legal defense fund piled onto their backs also,” Ginsberg continued.  “If the County Board sets this precedent, there is nothing stopping it from funding other residents’ civil defenses, with unaffordable consequences for the suburban families whose taxes fund schools and county government.”

At a recent Fairfax County budget markup, Supervisor Pat Herrity (Springfield) made a motion to amend the FY2019 Third Quarter Review and remove the funds allocated for the program.  The Democrat-controlled Board of Supervisors rejected the motion on a 7 to 3 vote.

As Supervisor Herrity stated, “Unfortunately, the Board let special interest groups dictate their decision.  This vote not only breaks [the Board of Supervisors] procedural norms, but also raise questions about the Board’s priorities considering we [Fairfax County taxpayers] don’t provide legal services for civil cases to our low-income, tax paying legal residents, especially veterans facing civil eviction hearings.”

Chairwoman Bulova stated in her response that she was aware that the County was not legally bound to provide such services.  She wrote “Legal representation for people in civil proceedings is not a right, but in this instance, I believe that the pilot program [for undocumented immigrants] deserves a chance to be evaluated.”

The Suburban Virginia Republican Coalition ( is asking for voters across Fairfax County to contact their local Supervisor and ask the Board to remove this budget funding or alternatively, put the funding approval for the legal defense fund on the ballot for a countywide referendum.


Email from Chairman Bulova is below.

From: Chairman <>

Date: Mon, May 6, 2019 at 3:49 PM

Subject: RE: Separate Vote Requested on $200,000 for Illegal Defense Fund

Thank you for your message regarding the proposed budget consideration item funding legal representation for individuals facing deportation proceedings. The funds, if approved, would provide legal rights education, training, and legal representation for individuals subject to these types of civil proceedings. This money would be used by an existing non-profit organization to develop a pilot program, not given directly to individuals in need of legal aid. At the end of the pilot program, this project would be competing among other county priorities through the Consolidated Community Funding Pool (CCFP) program. The program was suggested due to the dynamic state of federal immigration policy. 

The men and women who will benefit from the services offered by the pilot program are contributing members of our community. The funding is meant to ensure that people have a chance to defend themselves, to make their case, for being in this county legally through the established legal processes. County staff is working on specific parameters for the pilot program and these parameters would then be presented to the Board of Supervisors for approval. Deportations can harm our community and separate families with devastating consequences.

Legal representation for people in civil proceedings is not a right, but in this instance, I believe that the pilot program deserves a chance to be evaluated. Thank you for taking the time to write.

Sharon Bulova


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Anti-Semitic Artwork Concern Covered Locally, Nationally and Internationally / SUVGOP Response to Washington Post Editorial

SUVGOP's concern over the Fairfax County Public Schools decision to display and award a student's artwork depicting anti-Semitic sterotypes without explanation of the background (see below and here) received both local and national news coverage plus carried internationally via the Associated Press..

We voiced our concern to the FCPS Board and Superintendent Dr Brabrand, about the art display and just as significant, the unacceptable response from the student's teacher to a Rabbi that rightly expressed his concern.  As you will read, the teacher blames President Trump and not the adults monitoring the art show for failure to fully explain the student's intention behind the artwork.  We were gratified that FCPS and Dr. Brabrand responded and acted quickly.  You can find their statement here.

Links to media coverage:  Washington Post  Fox Channel 5  WJLA ABC 7  Forward

PJ Media  The Bull Elephant  WTOP  The Boston Globe  AP / UK Daily Mail

Also our friendly Democrats at Blue Virginia

Note: The Washington Post Editorial Board recently wrote an editorial defending the anti-Semitic artwork the Fairfax County schools displayed and attacking SUVGOP for raising the issue. We'll wear the editorial as a badge of honor.  The Post editorial, titled "A high schooler's controversial artwork should have been celebrated, not censured," is available online (click here).

Opening paragrpah of our response to the Washington Post Editorial Board:

"We wish we could say we were surprised that the Washington Post editorial dated April 12, 2019 and titled “A high schooler’s controversial artwork should have been celebrated, not censured” is filled with material omissions and misleading commentary.  But we cannot."

You can find SUVGOP's full response to the WaPo Editorial here.


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Anti-Semitic FCPS Student Art Blamed on President Trump

(ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA) – The Suburban Virginia Republican Coalition (SUVGOP) PAC expressed its deep concern today over the Fairfax County Public Schools’ decision to display and give an award to a student artwork that draws on classic anti-Semitic stereotypes.

The student artwork, titled “Jewish People,” features a man with a hooked nose and a bag of money, along with the caption “No Jew in the world understands the importance of money.” 

When a concerned member of the local Jewish community contacted the teacher for an explanation, the teacher responded:  “[The student] is pointing out how racism and ugliness is now NORMALIZED by our current president who intends to divide our nation for his own personal gain. Instead of jumping to conclusions and assuming the worst, take a breath.  Instead of vilifying me and a 17 year old student, look at your president who is in ‘your own back yard’.”

“There is no place in Fairfax County schools for this type of anti-Semitic drawing,” said Michael Ginsberg, a member of the Suburban Virginia Republican Coalition.  “Worse, the teacher involved allowed her obvious dislike of President Trump to justify anti-Semitic imagery.  Artistic expression is one thing, but justifying inappropriate, anti-Semitic speech by blaming someone else is not a lesson Fairfax County schools should be teaching their students.”


Student Art Work Titled: "Jewish People / No Jew in the world understands the importance of money."
Student Art Work Titled: "Jewish People / No Jew in the world understands the importance of money."

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(ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA) – The Suburban Virginia Republican Coalition ( SUVGOP ) PAC announced today that it wholeheartedly supports Republican Congresswoman Ann Wagner ’s launch of the Suburban Caucus in the U.S. House of Representatives and calls for national support among Republican Congressional and Party leadership. 

“As we experienced last November in Virginia and in suburbs across the country, Republicans must refocus their efforts to win back the suburban voter” stated Michael Ginsberg, a member of the SUVGOP Steering Committee, “That's why we are so enthusiastic about the new Suburban Caucus led by Congresswoman Wagner.  In 2018, in Virginia alone we lost three suburban seats [Representatives Comstock, Brat and Taylor] and if the Party does not listen to suburban families and focus on their issues of concern, Republican representation in the suburbs will continue to decline.”

Congresswoman Wagner today announced the formation of a Suburban Caucus for the 116th Congress that will focus on a legislative agenda designed to improve the quality of life for suburban families. Wagner stated in her press release that "Issues such as paid parental leave, rising childcare costs, educational opportunities, transportation needs, and accessible and affordable healthcare are examples of challenges we [the Suburban Caucus] will tackle this Congress." 

SUVGOP recently released a report “Winning Back Suburbia: Proposals for Virginia Republicans”which outlined  eleven initial recommendations for the Party to succeed in the suburbs, based on the PAC’s intensive studies in 2018.

“SUVGOP identified several issues Virginia's suburban residents named as their top concerns, including commuter transportation (traffic and tolls), ever increasing taxes, affordable housing and education,” relayed Ginsberg.   He added that Fairfax County’s property taxes in Northern Virginia, have increased 26% in the past five years making housing less affordable for suburban families and forcing retirees to re-locate out of the county.


“SUVGOP appeals to Republican House Members to join Congresswoman Wagner in building a strong Suburban Caucus focused on a legislative agenda addressing suburban issues," Ginsberg said. "SUVGOP will also increase its efforts to elect more Republican women to public office."

Congresswoman Ann Wagner (R-MO), Chair of the Congressional Suburban Caucus
Congresswoman Ann Wagner (R-MO), Chair of the Congressional Suburban Caucus

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SUVGOP Releases Post 2018 Election Report:

(Fairfax County, VA)—The Suburban Virginia Republican Coalition (SUVGOP) today released its report Winning Back Suburbia: Proposals for Virginia Republicans”.  The report recommends that Republicans adopt a “Go Local” strategy in the Virginia suburbs and makes 11 initial recommendations to the Party for winning in the suburbs, based on SUVGOP’s intensive studies in 2018.

SUVGOP, a political action committee (PAC) dedicated to connecting with suburban voters in Northern Virginia, detailed specific recommendations that include: investing heavily in detailed surveys of the electorates in Northern Virginia, metro Richmond and Tidewater; focusing on two to three key issues that are important to suburban voters and that will attract crossover independents and moderate voters; a five-to-ten year candidate recruitment plan; and innovations that offer working families and young voters the ability to increase their participation in the political process.

“As suburban Republicans, we have been concerned about the long-term trend away from the Republican Party in our local communities,” said Mike Ginsberg, one of the SUVGOP’s founders.  “We formed SUVGOP to try to identify the GOP’s issues in the suburbs and how we might improve the political environment for our party.” 

This report describes the eight months of surveys, canvasses and social media campaigns the PAC performed during the 2018 election cycle.  Northern Virginia voters expressed their greatest concerns about growth, transportation and rising property taxes.  Increasing toll rates, expansion along the Metro Silver Line corridor and the 26 percent increase in Fairfax County property taxes over the last five years are at the forefront of voters’ minds.

“As an example, Democrats have controlled Fairfax County for over twenty years,” Ginsberg said.  “During that time, property taxes have gone up, traffic has gotten worse, tolls have exploded, and housing costs have skyrocketed.  SUVGOP’s report outlines how the party and its candidates should address these local issues to win elections next year in the NoVA suburbs.  For SUVGOP, the issues are local.  In 2019, it’s not about the White House—it’s about your house.

Receive A Copy of Our Report

SUVGOP will release our "Winning Back Suburbia" report on Wednesday, December 12th.  If you would like a copy, drop us an email at or follow the link below for a hi-resolution electronic copy of the report.

Please also consider a contribution to SUVGOP so we may Go Local and support the recommendations in our report.  Note that 100% of all contributions are invested in Republican outreach efforts in the suburbs. Link to our Donation Page.