Our 2019 Recommendations

GOPolitics 101


SUVGOP recommends an educational campaign on the

structure of the Republican Party and how it operates we call

“GOPolitics 101”. We will soon update our website to include

information explaining the organizational structure and operation of the Party and will begin offering neighborhood “coffee briefings” to interested parties. We suggest local Republican organizations consider a similar program.

"Donate Local"


Local Republican units receive no

funds from the RNC, RPV or other national conservative organizations.

In 1998, the Boulder, Colorado business community started the “Buy Local” campaign to support local

businesses and the local economy. We recommend Republicans create the same type of program and messaging for political contributions.  Ask GOP supporters to "Donate Local" to their local unit before sending funds to national organizations.

Small Donor Program


As the chart demonstrates, Republicans were crushed by small donor contributions to

Democrats in General Assembly races in 2019. Local units should explore ways to establish and build a small donor program, such as signing up with WinRed, sending email and/or print solicitations and maintaining a list and communicating regularly with these donors. We further recommend setting up a regional meeting and bringing in a fundraising expert to provide insight and tips on how to expand these efforts.

Build A Bench


Last year, SUVGOP’s first recommendation was that the Republican Party of Virginia and its units should adjust their roles in Virginia GOP politics by “going local”. Now, more than ever, we believe this to be essential. The Republican

Party must be in a position to nominate well-known, well-pre-

pared candidates with an existing base of support in the suburbs.

Stronger Social Media with Ads and Video


We recommend that the unit committees in suburban areas, especially those counties that have Magisterial Districts, encourage each District to create and actively maintain District-level Facebook pages and if possible, add Twitter and Instagram accounts. We further recommend that Republican proprietors of social media pages post at least once daily; increase their video content; and consider low budget ad campaigns,

Build the Republican Community


For many newcomers, getting involved with the GOP can be

daunting. The committee structure, the inside baseball, and the

long-standing relationships can make integrating into the Party difficult for new volunteers. Attending a unit committee meeting

for the first time, where everyone already knows everyone, can be

a bewildering experience. We recommend more social and small group projects as outlined in our report.

Develop Durable Relationships with Civic, Business, Ethnic and Religious Groups.


Republicans in Northern Virginia ran

one of the most diverse slates of candidates in their history in 2019.

We believe the GOP needs to make a concerted effort to work with minority civic, business and religious groups and develop ongoing relationships. Opening up opportunities for more minority candidates.

Register New Voters.


We recommend holding strategic registration drives targeting new movers, attending naturalization ceremonies, organizing at conservative-oriented events and securing lists of known but unregistered Republicans, would all allow the GOP to level the registration playing field.

Communicate Statewide.


State Party communications

should be about more than just seeking donations. Our experi-

ence with the SUVGOP newsletter suggests that activists would

welcome regular updates from around the state on important races, candidates, rising leaders and issues. Keeping Republicans in-

formed and making them aware of Party developments will make

them effective ambassadors and advocates.

Reconceive the Role of the State Republican Party


With Republicans now in the minority in state government, the RPV’s importance as the north star and voice of organization and party development. A renewed level of

energy within and visibility of the RPV is essential to boosting morale and encouraging party development at every level.

Enhance the Role of the RPV’s Suburban Advisory Committee.


We are extremely grateful to RPV for implementing our 2018 recommendation to establish a Suburban Advisory Committee. The committee met for the first time in June 2019. We believe the Suburban Advisory Committee’s activities should expand and we detail our ideas in the report.

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Our 2018 Recommendations

Go Local!


The Republican Party of Virginia and its units should ad­just their roles by “Going Local”.  SUVGOP outlines several first recommendations in our report as listed here.

Invest in Identifying Issues


The state party and local units should collaborate to in­vest heavily in identifying the most important issues to suburban voters in each election cycle and with an eye to­ward identifying longer-term suburban trends.

Define Key Issues


·  Republican candidates running in suburban areas of Vir­ginia should choose two to three issues of concern to the electorate and define our solutions to these problems - issues that will encourage crossover voting by independents who may normally be inclined to vote for the official positions of the Dem­ocratic party, its candidates and elected officials.

Recruit Candidates for the Long Term


The state and local parties in suburban areas should make an immediate and concerted effort to recruit a deep bench of potential candidates who are very involved in their communities and plan to run for office over the next five to ten years.  The parties should offer education and assistance in the mechanics of professional campaigns.

Our Tone Matters


Our tone matters. State and local candidates should devel­op a campaign tone that appeals to suburban voters.

Volunteers Personally Invested


Local units and the state party should place a renewed emphasis on making volunteer politics an enjoyable and rewarding activity in which volunteers feel personally in­vested.  Opening up opportunities for innovation and individual responsibilities.

Start Spreading the News


The Party should regularly communicate with activists across the state via a weekly or monthly email newslet­ter.

Family Friendly


Suburban city and county units should make it as easy as possible for working families and young voters to participate in the Re­publican community.

Experimental Outreach


Local units should experiment with new forms of precinct organization to reach suburban voters.

Encourage the Grassroots


The Republican Party should encourage the development of organic grassroots groups such as the Tea Party and SUVGOP. The ex­istence of such groups demonstrates the breadth of the Republican Party, not disunity.

Establish a Suburban Advisory Committee


The Republican Party of Virginia should establish a Sub­urban Advisory Committee comprised of unit chairs in suburban areas to provide advice and guidance on re­versing the trends in these critical regions.

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