Fairfax County Board Punts On Pension Reform


Small Win / More To Do

The Democrat controlled Fairfax County Board of Supervisors met on Devember 4th to address the looming crisis of an unsustainable pension program. For years the Board has failed to cure a $2.5 billion liability which threatens future retirement payments to county teachers, firefighters, police and employees. SUVGOP with Supervisor Pat Herrity released a series of videos (see below) on the pension crisis and worked all this year to raise the awareness of this growing liability.

SUVGOP Team Members Testify

Over 46 community members, including representatives from SUVGOP, testified at the meeting. It should be noted that every Democratic State Legislator that represents the County lobbied against a fix to the pension program. The Board vote took a small step by eliminating the pre-Social Security supplement for future county employees and an additional allowance that increases the retirement annuity by 3 percent. 

"Missed an Opportunity"

As Supervisor Herrity stated the Board took a "meaningful" step towards reforming pension costs but "missed an opportunity to develop an overall compensation plan". The Board rejected three other reforms proposed by the County Staff.

Details on the meeting can be found here: Supervisor Herrity's statement can be found on the front page of SUVGOP's website here and remember the SUVGOP video series on the Pension Problem can be found below.

Fairfax County Has A Problem

Part 1: A ticking financial time bomb


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In these short videos, learn how Fairfax County's pension problem is a ticking financial time bomb. With $2.5 Billion in unfunded liabilities, here is some straight talk about the County's greatest financial challenge.

Part 2: What you're paying will shock you


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Fairfax County Supervisor Pat Herrity explains how we got here with an unheard-of benefit that makes the County's pension system unsustainable.

Part 3: Everyone is affected, including you


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Fairfax County property taxes have gone up 26% in the last five years and this is why the Democrat-controlled Board tried to implement a Meals Tax.

Part 4: A problem we can fix


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What can we do?  Supervisor Herrity discusses how if we start now and work together, we can fix Fairfax County's pension problem.  Below you will find contact information for your Supevisor and other actions YOU can take to resolve this issue.

Act Now: Contact Your Supervisor, Sign the Petition and Spread the Word about the Pension Problem

  1. Call 703-324-3121 or email your Supervisor today.  Follow the link below to find out how to contact your Supervisor.
  2. In the section below, please follow the link to sign the Stop the Pension Bomb Petiton.
  3. Support our efforts to alert the over one million residents in Fairfax County about this issue. Please donate today.